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Winning The Battle Against Ear Infections: Natural Remedies That Work

So many parents want to take the natural, less invasive route when it comes to their child’s health…and this is especially true with ear infections!

With the common recommendations including antibiotics  and ear tube surgery … moms and dads are extremely determined to find an effective option that holds off surgery and gets to the root cause to stop the seemingly endless cycle of pain, sleepless nights, and antibiotics (which can, unfortunately, wreak havoc on our kids’ digestive health and immune system long-term).

Once you understand what’s actually causing ear infections, you find out the great news that natural remedies for ear infections do exist!

In this video Dr. Andrew talks through why this is such a big struggle for kids and natural remedies that have been around for a long time and are proven to help provide pain relief, reduce inflammation, and encourage better drainage.

Not just to help a child get past an ear infection, but to prevent further ones as well!

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