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Meet Dr. Andrew Rupp

Certified Pediatric Chiropractor

Dr Andrew smilingFrom the beginning of his career, Dr. Andrew knew that focusing on pediatric, prenatal, and family care would be what Thrive Chiropractic is all about. He immediately got involved in the pediatric club during chiropractic school at Life University and served as a leader or president during most of his education.

A desire to grow led to an internship at the leading pediatric chiropractic office in the world with Dr. Tony Ebel and PWC Chiropractic. Even though this required moving from sunny Atlanta to the wintery suburbs of Chicago while his wife Laura was 34 weeks pregnant with their first child, it was worth it to bring the best level of care and training back to our area!

Even after being honored as valedictorian at his graduation from Life University, the desire for learning didn’t stop. In his words, “When it comes to taking care of someone’s child, anything less than the highest level of training and expertise is unacceptable.”

This led to him receiving the PX Pro Cert Doc certification from Dr. Tony and the PX Docs team. The certification reiterates Dr. Andrew’s commitment to first-class care by joining him with a network of doctors trained in the most advanced clinical protocols and techniques network while believing in active listening and spreading a unifying message—”Every kid counts!”

Dr. Andrew has also completed the CACCP pediatric chiropractor certification through the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association. This 200-hour curriculum represents a passion for giving children, pregnant patients, and families the best possible care.

Dr Andrew holding award

Caring for Cranberry Twp Families

His passion for taking care of families, especially kids and pregnant moms, grew even stronger as his family has grown, with the addition of their sons Ezekiel (November 2016), Zion (January 2019), Maverick (September 2020), and a new baby expected in December 2023.

Chiropractic care has played a crucial role in Dr. Andrew’s wife, Laura, having successful pregnancies and home births, as well as ensuring that their boys have had a healthy start to life. Having a family of his own, Dr. Andrew understands and embraces the unpredictability, fun, and adventure of family life!

Outside, you will find Dr. Andrew with his family at church or enjoying the many activities, parks, and events in the Cranberry Twp area. They were drawn to the community due to the high number of families in the area, as this is their passion both inside and out of the office!

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