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Meet the Team at Thrive Chiropractic

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The care advocate team at Thrive Chiropractic helps provide an office experience unlike any other! You’ll never feel more welcomed, cared for, and supported than when you walk through our doors.

All of our team members are parents as well, and many of them started as patients before becoming a part of the team. We understand what you’re going through because we have lived it ourselves.

Get ready to fall in love with our team and make some new best friends in Cranberry Twp that you get to hang out with each week! Read below to see if our office is a good fit for you & your family, then schedule a complimentary consultation today!
Laura photo


Laura is Dr. Andrew’s incredible wife. You may not see her in the office much these days, and when you do it’s with four crazy kids in tow!

As much as she misses living day-to-day in the office during this season of life, Laura loves being able to live out what our team preaches with her own family each day. Making sure the kids take part in regular pediatric care is a high priority. Laura, her husband, and her kids have personally lived the life-changing benefits!

Laura does not have a specific role within the office but will be present behind-the-scenes, cheering on each of our patients from the background. When not chasing kids, Laura loves going to CrossFit, reading, and spending time in a coffee shop with her journal.

Jenna photo


Jenna first started at the practice as a patient with her four kids. It was incredibly impactful to experience quality care for her daughter Claire, as well her son Cullen. They received care for a variety of maladies, including ADHD, food intolerances, chronic ear infections, a vision processing/sensory disorder, and more.

When the opportunity to join our team and help guide and support families facing challenges like her own, Jenna was so excited to jump right in that she hasn’t looked back.

Jenna and her husband, Ben, along with four kids and two dogs, have a full house and an even more full schedule! They are constantly shuttling kids from deck hockey, to soccer, to art classes. If there is a little bit of spare time, they love to get a workout in at CrossFit TPA. Jenna also enjoys gardening, specifically growing herbs for natural remedies, and learning more about homeopathic medicines and essential oils.

Kim photo


Kim was looking for a job that would give her the opportunity to change lives and the flexibility to put family first. Working at our practice has been an amazing answer to both! She has learned so much about chiropractic care and its long-lasting effects, and has become an advocate of how life-changing it is.

Kim and her husband have a young daughter named Rosie who “keeps every moment spicy and ensures our lives will never be boring,” according to Kim. Rosie struggled with torticollis as an infant and pediatric care has helped ease the tension.

When not in the office interacting with all our wonderful patients, you’ll usually see Kim with a cup of coffee in hand—it’s how she survives! In her free time, Kim enjoys crafting, making jewelry, doing her nails, and listening to true crime podcasts.

Brittany photo


Brittany says that working at the practice is “truly one of my favorite things ever.” She is only in the office on Mondays, spending the rest of her hours working from home with two toddler co-workers and a tweenager who loves being a part of what we do.

To Brittany, being a part of our team feels like being a part of a movement. A movement where people empower each other, support each other, and root for each other. It’s something she wants to share with our whole community!

Chiropractic isn’t just a job to Brittany—it’s a pivotal part of her life, and has truly changed the health of her family. She is grateful she can raise her family in the chiropractic world, and love on patients in the office whose lives have been changed by our care.

When she’s not busy being a mom to her three kiddos or the wifey to her amazing husband, Brittany is either working out or helping other mamas and families find their love for health and fitness. Beyond that, she loves to travel and explore this beautiful world God created.

Hannah photo


Hannah was born and raised in New Hampshire. But in March 2022, when she was seven months pregnant, Hannah and her husband moved to Pittsburgh to be closer to parents for when their son was born. Hannah has had a long career in hospital pharmacy, but after her son’s arrival she quickly learned she needed to find a job that was not only more flexible, but also less emotionally and physically strenuous.

Finding our practice was such a blessing for her (and us!). Hannah learned quickly as she was welcomed not only into the practice family, but also into our thriving community. Being able to share stories and bounce ideas off the community of parents here has been really helpful in her role as a new mom (in a brand-new area).

When not holding babies at our practice, you can find Hannah hanging out at home in the backyard with her husband, son, and family dog. She loves a good 1980s music playlist, is usually holding a cup of coffee, and she could spend all day, every day at the beach!


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