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When You're "Already Doing Everything Else"

When you’re “already doing everything else” and still not getting the results you’d expect, what’s missing?

This has got to be one of the most frustrating feelings. You’ve followed all of the advice you can find from scouring Facebook mom groups and deep dives on Google, spent countless time and money on supplements and therapies… but your kid is still stuck.

Maybe you’ve even done lab tests, checked blood chemistry, or CT and MRI scans.

While “everything else” is getting checked, why do we never think to measure the function of the one part controlling everything else – the nervous system!

Have you ever heard of DYSAUTONOMIA? It sounds like a mouthful, but just think of it as dysregulated autonomic (automatic) nervous system.

When this take place, the symptoms can show up in many different ways:

  • Dysregulated gut
  • Immune challenges
  • Mental and emotional regulation issues
  • Motor system dysfunction – pain, tension, spasm, headaches, etc.

Rather than chasing all of the secondary issues, let’s address the primary cause!

Step 1 at Thrive is assessing the nervous system – doing our INSiGHT HRV, thermal, and sEMG scans. Once we can measure how we’re functioning, we’ll have a roadmap to reversing it and getting back on the healing path.

Check out Dr. Andrew’s video here to learn more and dig into what is going on when our kids are stuck, what causes it, and (most importantly) how you can help!

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