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When Should Babies Start Crawling and Walking?

Let’s talk about infant + toddler Developmental Milestones, and especially their motor tone + coordination!

As parents, we focus on the big ones like rolling over for the first time or taking a first step. We look at growth and development charts and plan out when it should happen for our little ones.

But just like the emotions of seeing your little one roll over, crawl, or walk for the first time can be so exciting… it can be even more concerning and worrisome when they skip or miss out on motor milestones.

Or maybe they’re not missing them altogether, but things certainly aren’t smooth, coordinated, and happening easily. When and how do you know if something is wrong and get things checked out and evaluated?

In this quick video, Dr. Andrew will explain steps that will help you navigate your child’s movement and motor milestones, and know if they are behind or if their development is right on track. And most importantly, if they are off track… you’ll learn exactly what next steps to take to get them back on track developmentally and onto a healthy, happy childhood!

If you end up finding this video helpful, please comment below, send us a DM, or share with some other parents who you know could benefit from these 3 steps!

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