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Unlocking The Mystery of Bedwetting: Understanding the Root Cause and Finding Answers When You've Tried Everything

One of the hardest struggles to conquer for kiddos ages 4-9, and sometimes even older, is nighttime bedwetting and urinary incontinence… aka Enuresis. Parents, we know you’ve tried everything. From waking them up, setting alarms, doing sleep studies, it seems like the list is never-ending. We get it. It can be frustrating when nothing seems to be working. And the worst part is the toll it takes on our kiddo’s self-esteem and growth. ?

While there can be multiple causes of bedwetting, the most often overlooked piece is the signaling from the brain ? to the body – which is THE missing link when it comes to enuresis!

In this video, ? Dr. Andrew discusses why this signaling and communication from the brain to the body can be altered, how that component affects your child’s sleep, and how bedwetting can be associated with other health challenges such as immune, digestive, and behavioral challenges.

Let us help you get to the root cause and gain momentum in this common struggle going forward! ? And to learn more about the causes and solutions for enuresis, visit the link in our bio! Also, share this video with a mom friend who is looking for answers too! ♥️

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