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The Ultimate Guide To Colic Relief

Is your little one crying inconsolably for hours on end? You’ve probably been told to not worry about it, they just have colic and will grow out of it. Even though this is a common issue, it is absolutely not NORMAL and not something you just have to miserably suffer through! You don’t have to just watch them cry and hope they eventually grow out of it, there are ways to help.

If you have already tried changing your diet or formula, probiotics, colic drops, sleeping positions, and maybe even worked with a lactation consultant or had a tongue-tie revision; and still have NOT found relief for your little one – this video is for you!

We see countless cases of colic in our office where the true root cause of colic is far deeper than simply tummy or gut issues, or even a tongue tie… but instead is a sign of significant stress and tension stuck within their Nervous System, which can negatively impact their development and health later on.

If your little one is crying all night and is nearly impossible to soothe and calm when they get wound up, then be sure to check out this video from Dr. Andrew and learn how to really get to the true root cause of colic!

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