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The Role of Stress, Anxiety, and Resiliency in Pregnancy

When it comes to the prenatal and pregnancy journey, so many expectant moms receive plenty of support and information about things like nutrition, avoiding toxins, staying active, and taking supplements or vitamins. But so often this exciting journey comes with tons of stress, anxiety, and exhaustion as well.

Birth should be a positive and empowering experience, but instead it is treated like a disease that you’ve been diagnosed with and the best case scenario is that you simply ‘make it out alive’ on the other side of it. Even the popular resource What To Expect When You’re Expecting should be treated like a Steven King horror novel, not something to use for a positive pregnancy and birth!

High levels of stress, anxiety, and exhaustion in expectant moms has been linked to things like preterm birth, preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, and restricted fetal growth in infants.

Thankfully we can not only measure ?and track stress during pregnancy with an incredible piece of technology called HRV you’ll learn all about in this video, but at CONTACT US

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