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The Brain's Role in Sensory Integration and Calming Sensory Storms

Many young kids struggle with, irritating clothing, big crowds or gatherings, haircuts, loud noises, or quick transitions. All small sensory sensitivities that add up to BIG emotional struggles.

Don’t let your pediatrician and others dismiss these concerns as the “Terrible 2’s or 3’s” and say “Don’t worry, they’ll grow out of it.” Parents, if your gut tells you something more is going on and you think your child may be struggling with Sensory Integration Disorder and related challenges, then this video from Dr. Andrew is made just for you!

In this video you’ll learn exactly how development for kids is supposed to work, and how + where it gets off track, often leading to sensory challenges. And most importantly, you’ll learn about some awesome action steps + strategies you can take to help calm your child’s sensory overwhelm and overload, and start living a more relaxed + easy-going daily life as a family!

If you want to dig into even more of the details about why these issues are connect and how you can help get your kid back in Growth & Development mode, check out our Perfect Storm Workshop.

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