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The #1 Missing Link in All of Pediatric + Family Health Care

Heads up parents – this thing called subluxation is something you’ve maybe never seen or heard of until finding this video.

Once parents understand what subluxation really is and how it gets in the way of their child’s gut health, immune health, motor development, sleep, and so much more… it quickly becomes the one ☝️ thing parents awesomely turn their focus to!

What is it? Subluxation = a stressed out, sympathetic (fight-or-flight) dominant nervous system.

Too much stress = too much sickness, illness, and struggle.

In this video Dr. Andrew breaks down the major parts of subluxation and makes it super easy to understand and to find out if your child may be subluxated or not!

If you’ve tried everything from probiotics to prune juice, multiple therapies, diet changes, medications, and more to help your child and still haven’t found the results you’re looking for — please take the time to learn all about subluxation. For so many families it’s the answer to what they’ve been searching for all along!

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