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Supporting Your Child: Insights into Low Muscle Tone

Moms and dads, does your child fatigue easily, struggle to keep up physically, or avoid sports and playgrounds? Do they also get frustrated and super emotional when they fall, struggle, and get held back from doing all they want to do? Low muscle tone is a serious challenge that can really affect their daily lives! And did you know that up to 50% of kids on the autism spectrum battle hypotonia too?!

This stat is one of the reasons why we are so passionate about helping your child! Traditional options for low muscle tone include PT and OT. These are amazing, but don’t always get down to the real root cause – stress and tension not just within the muscles, but in the nerves that control them!

Watch this video as Dr. Andrew walks us through why low tone is so common, especially in kids with autism, how it holds kids back from reaching milestones, and most importantly, how there is much more going on with the root cause of low muscle tone than a weak core and muscular dysfunction.


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