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Sensory Processing Disorder Test

Many young children struggle with everyday challenges like uncomfortable clothing, crowded places, haircut distress, loud noises, or unexpected transitions. These seemingly minor sensory sensitivities can accumulate into significant emotional hurdles. If your child shows signs of Sensory Processing Disorder, you’re undoubtedly familiar with these struggles.

In this video, Dr. Andrew discusses the underlying causes and reveals a specific Test that can actually quantify the extent of the struggle (yes, you heard that right, there’s a TEST for it!).

What’s even more important is the action plan to make the sensory processing system more adaptable and proficient at handling various stimuli. This means you won’t have to keep avoiding sensory-overwhelming activities! Our team is all about creating a more easygoing daily life for your entire family.

You’ve probably had your child’s eyes, ears, nose, throat, heart, lungs… and everything else checked out, but what about their central nervous system? Since this system is what runs every other function in the body, don’t you think it should get checked out too?!

To learn more about our SPD test, please watch this informative video.


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