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Poor Sleep = Poor Health

We know this as adults, that anytime we struggle to sleep, we end up with more anxiety, become more easily agitated, and can’t focus or regulate our emotions well.

But did you know it’s not only the same for kids, but perhaps even worse? Aka, more important!

Now let’s talk about trying to help our children heal from both acute and chronic health challenges. If they’re sick or stressed, they need one thing more than anything else – sleep.

When it comes to natural + neurological healing, our specialty here at Thrive Chiropractic, there is absolutely nothing more important. In fact, our entire care process + clinical protocols focus on SLEEP first.

Colicky, fussy baby? We gotta get them sleeping first.

Wound up, sensory struggling toddler? We gotta get them sleeping first.

Hyperactive, impulsive grade schooler? We gotta get them sleeping first.

Anxious, emotionally challenged teenager? We gotta get them sleeping first.

Stressed out, always tired, exhausted mom + dad? We gotta get them sleeping first.

If you’re looking to help your child heal + recover from ANY health challenge or condition whatsoever, then getting good sleep needs to be the first target and the first step in that healing process.

If your doctor or practitioner is focused on gut health, immune system rebuilding, sensory or speech, motor milestones, or brain-based anything… they MUST start with sleep first. If they aren’t doing that, then you absolutely MUST watch this video and give our office a call to learn more and get your child’s sleep back on track today!


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