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Overcoming Speech Challenges + Apraxia: A Parent's Guide to Speech Function and Restoration

Speech Delays and Apraxia of Speech are two extremely frustrating challenges for both kids and parents to navigate through, as the inability to properly communicate can lead to frustration, behavior issues, and learning disabilities down the road.

In this video Dr. Andrew breaks down the Key Components or “Steps” that make speech happen. He dives deep into where things most commonly get “jammed up” or interfered with in kids struggling with speech. Discover the role that birth interventions and trauma play in creating that dysfunction and interference, and most importantly learn how to help your child overcome these challenges and restore proper neurological communication and optimal function!

Hungry for more information after watching this video? Visit the link in our bio to learn more about how your child’s speech is connected to the Nervous System and what you can do to help!

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