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Nervous System Dysregulation: What Is It + How Do You Fix It?

Almost every kid has their eyes, ears, nose, throat, heart, lungs, and everything else checked in the first few weeks and months of life. Why is the central nervous system any different?!

Many of the parents we work with have been frustrated by their experience in the traditional medical system. They’re told their child will just “grow out of it” at some point, they’re given another medication, and no one is telling them WHY struggles keep happening. When you realize that the nervous system is the center hub for every function in the body and how many health challenges + conditions it’s connected to, you’ll want to learn everything you can about how to better understand it and fix it!

A dysregulated nervous system may be the culprit behind not only your daily exhaustion, tension, and emotional roller coaster… but it may be what’s creating everything from your infant’s colic + constipation, to your toddler’s tantrums + meltdowns, and your teen’s anxiety + constant mood swings.

Watch this incredible video from Andrew to learn more about Nervous System Dysregulation, the scans & technology that will show if you or your child may be struggling with it, and if so… how to get it taken care of!


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