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Miralax Side Effects - What's a more natural option for my child?

No parent wants to turn to medication, especially if they don’t have to. This is even more true when a baby, toddler, or child struggles with constipation and the body’s systems, like digestion, can’t stay regular!

One of the most commonly recommended over-the-counter medications is Miralax, but many parent groups have formed over the last 10+ years that are very critical of Miralax, citing experiences of their own children’s struggles with the medication.

This, as well as documented studies whose results have yet to show a definitive answer as to Miralax’s effectiveness, has left many parents wondering what to do and where to turn.

In this video Dr. Andrew walks us through the body’s normal physiological process with digestion, the research and side effects of Miralax, and natural, medication-free solutions for constipation!

We believe every child deserves a drug-free option as a first choice!

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