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Managing Our Stress: Understanding Why Dads Feel Overwhelmed + Exhausted

A stressful meeting, long ‘to do list’, or packed schedule can cause our shoulders to rise, our jaw to tighten, and our body to lean forward.

Sometimes we don’t even realize it, but this physical response to stress accumulates and drastically affects us.

It’s not just the body, but the brain and our entire nervous system becomes tired… leaving us with constant brain fog, moodiness, and a short temper.

But here’s the real truth dads, health + happiness doesn’t come from avoiding stress – it comes from overcoming it and better adapting to it.

In this video Dr. Andrew walks us through a Heart Rate Variability Scan, a key metric and perhaps the most important test a stressed out + worn out dad can have done!

Once we have a baseline HRV Scan done on dads, we can help form a personalized, effective Care Plan that not only boosts their energy and breaks through all that stress, but also fits well within their busy schedule!

Moms watching this video and reading this post – please tag your favorite dude(s) below and let’s flip things from how everyone expects them to be, and help dad become the kick butt healthy + happy leader of the family they’re called to be!

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