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Kids Get Sick! What do you do?

Parents, here’s an important message you need to understand:

Kids get sick!

This is true of any time during the year, but it’s even more relevant right now. We’re in the thick of “cold and flu” season – aka “the sun is gone so we’re less active plus having more sugar from Halloween candy and Thanksgiving pies and Christmas cookies plus dealing with seasonal weather and pressure swings” season!

The question isn’t whether or not sickness happens. It’s if we choose to suppress the symptoms or build up our internal defenses, reinforcing the body’s natural healing mechanisms.

This is an important choice for parents to make – what are you going to do? Will you keep doing what everyone else is doing that is creating the sickest generation of kids who deal with more chronic illnesses and health challenges than ever before? Or make new choices for your family that will put your child on a different trajectory of healing and wellness?

Tune in to this video with Dr. Andrew to better understand why this is happening and learn how you can focus on BUILDING UP health instead of only suppressing it!


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