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Is my Baby on Track with Developmental Milestones?

In the journey of your baby’s first year of life, you’ll witness their astonishing growth and development. But how do we know a baby is “on track” with these critical development achievements??

In the traditional medical world, these milestones serve as markers for tracking a child’s growth and identifying potential concerns at an early stage. But with no two babies being exactly alike, these milestones aren’t always reached at the same time.

This can add massive stress to us as parents when we just don’t know what is normal and what isn’t!

If this is a question you commonly ask yourself, you are not alone!

In this video Dr. Andrew shares what you will absolutely not hear or have explained to you in a traditional pediatrician’s office – The order in which your child goes through these milestones matters far more than when they achieve them.

This truth will not only ease your mind on the “timing” of it all – but also give you the action steps very early in life, as you’ll have a detailed “road map” of what matters most! Visit our website to learn more about baby milestones and what to look for when it comes to development!


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