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From Symptoms to Solutions: Understanding the Real Root Cause of Seasonal Allergies

Millions of kids and families constantly suffer from seasonal allergies, and the traditional medical approach offers nothing better than staying indoors and stuffing down symptoms with drugs and medications. Today’s parents are constantly on the search to find the real root cause and immune dysfunction causing seasonal allergies.

Usually that first leads them down the path of natural or holistic health approaches. These incredible focuses get closer than drugs and medications do, focusing on things like gut health and immune-boosting supplements, but they don’t get all the way to the real root cause – neurological dysfunction and imbalance.

Yes, the immune system and gut are intricately intertwined, but even more important is learning that the Autonomic Nervous System controls and coordinates BOTH the gut and immune systems as a whole. So when the nervous system gets stressed out and imbalanced, and shifts into what’s called sympathetic dominance (too much stress)… the gut and immune system become suppressed, shut down, and pro-inflammatory as well.

If you’ve tried everything to help relieve your child’s suffering from seasonal allergies but the constant congestion, sneezing, and inflammation is still there… then take one last step to get to the real root cause and learn more about Neurologically-Focused Chiropractic and the role the Autonomic Nervous System plays in seasonal allergies by watching this incredible educational video by Dr. Andrew.


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