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Flat Head, Helmets, & Torticollis

Many parents have seen or been told that their child has a flat spot on their head (plagiocephaly), often due to torticollis (inability to turn equally to both sides). You’ve probably been told that it will be monitored and possibly lead to needing a helmet for a period of several months. You’re wondering why this happened to your child, how it will affect their head appearance, hair growth, brain development, and so much more.

Listen in with Dr. Andrew Rupp to learn how you can prevent your child from needing a helmet or reduce the time they need to spend in it! You will see why these challenges often follow a birth that was stressful or involved interventions such as C-section, forceps, vacuum extraction, or pulling at the head/neck. We also find that newborns dealing with these issues usually struggle to latch and nurse well, have reflux, constipation, colic, or don’t sleep very well.

Has that been the case with your child as well? Could the underlying cause be the same?

Parents, we know you’re concerned and frustrated by simply waiting when you know something isn’t right. The earlier this tension and stress is detected, the easier it is to correct and the better your chances are to avoid more significant interventions! Waiting doesn’t help them ‘grow out of it’, they simply ‘grow into’ other more significant challenges.

Watch our video to learn more, then contact Thrive Chiropractic for an appointment.

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