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Early Signs of Autism: Trust Your Gut and Uncover the Real Stories Behind the Symptoms

In this video Dr. Andrew discusses the early signs of autism that have shown up in research articles and made their way onto those traditional charts. But even more importantly, we’ll dive deep into the real-life stories and signs that parents continue to report to us in practice today.

There is something innately wired within us as parents that always know when something is wrong. It’s most commonly called that “gut feeling” we get, and there is some extra special meaning to it as a parent!

These parental instincts are so often “spot on”, that we will not only look at the potential indicators, but dive deeper to the root cause that you, parents, have always known is there. This is how the communication of the Autonomic Nervous System and Vagus Nerve’s connection can help kiddos at a young age with basic struggles such as constipation, colic, reflux, ear infections, motor coordination, and sensory sensitivities. All symptoms that often come even earlier than any diagnostic criteria can be made.

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