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Ear Infections Webinar 2/17!

ear infections webinar flyerAre you sick of endless cycles of ear infections and antibiotics? Have you been told, “they’ll grow out of it”? Are you sick of seeing your little one struggle? What do ear infections have to do with colic or reflux? Get the answers you’ve been looking for!

Parents – we get it.

We’ve worked with countless families who are in your situation. You’ve been told that if things continue as they have been, surgery for tubes are in the near future. You hear that ear infections are ‘normal’ in kids and there’s nothing you can do. They’ll eventually grow out of it… we hope?

We know that, if possible, you’d love to get relief for your child without having to turn to drugs and surgery.

On this webinar, Dr. Andrew will explain why so many kids struggle with ear infections and how you can get lasting relief from this issue and the many challenges that frequently follow!

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