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Does your baby need to be seen by a Pediatric Chiropractor?

Parents – here are 3 easy signs to help know if your baby needs to be seen by a pediatric chiropractor.

To make it easy to remember, just think of JET: Jaw, Eyes, Turn/Tilt

Jaw – Does their jaw open/close straight vertically or deviate off to the side? This is easy to notice while they are yawning.

Eyes – Are the eyes symmetrical? Is one wider, more narrow, less open, or more offset than the other?

Turn/Tilt – (also known as torticollis) Do they have a preference in looking to the same side or tilting in the same direction? Pay attention while they are on their back in bed or in the car seat. Depending on their age you also may notice flattening of their head or a bald spot more on one side.

A little one with those signs is often struggling to nurse/latch, is more fussy, or is dealing with reflux.

Positioning in the uterus or intervention during the birth process may have caused a subtle but significant shift in the delicate structures at the top of the neck or in the cranium, leading to those issues and the JET warning signs.

Our scans and exam will help you know if this is going on in your child and if gentle pediatric chiropractic care may be able to help!

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