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Discovering the Real Root Cause of Your Child's Developmental Delay

Parents, have you ever felt like there may be more going on with your child’s developmental delay than perhaps the traditional pediatrician or therapist has been able to find and explain?

So often we talk with parents who knew all along, deep down in their gut, that something else was wrong, and that there had to be another “missing link” or key to getting their child’s development back on track.

Well if that’s you – this is a must-watch video!

The #1 key to addressing developmental delays is first finding out what really triggered or caused it to happen in the first place. And the reality is, most traditional providers miss the role that birth interventions and other early childhood challenges like “normal” (colic, constipation, ear infections, etc.) play in developmental delays.

Traditional providers completely miss the mark, intervening way too soon (often with antibiotics) on issues that you can just wait it out on, but taking a “they’ll grow out of it eventually” approach on neuro-developmental struggles that should be addressed ASAP!

In this incredible video, Dr. Andrew will dive into exactly that – the deep-down neurological dysfunction and injury that millions of kids suffer from, that hasn’t yet been addressed!


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