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Colic = Sensory Processing = ADHD?

baby with new teethOne of the most frustrating things you can hear as a parent is “they’ll grow out of it.” When you have a child who is struggling you’re looking for help NOW!

Even worse, this simply isn’t true. The challenges your baby or young child is dealing with don’t simply go away, they just manifest differently as they get older.

The colicky baby who struggles to latch, isn’t pooping, and spits up way too much becomes the 4 month old with torticollis and a flat head. A few months later after they’ve “grown out of” those issues the recurring ear infections start showing up, which then turn into strep, inflamed tonsils/adenoids, asthma, allergies, and chronic coughs/colds.

Once a child gets out of the early phases of development that focus on eating/sleeping/pooping, these issues start to show up as motor and neurodevelopmental struggles as well! Delayed motor and speech milestones, sensory processing issues, anxiety, ADHD, and more become the norm.

Here’s the key- each of these challenges are not new, it’s the same original problem that has been punted down the road over and over again.

To get off this Perfect Storm superhighway you have to start asking different questions about WHY so many struggles keep happening.

You won’t want to miss this video with Dr. Andrew! Tune in to understand the golden thread connecting these issues and what you can do to get your child back on a healing trajectory.

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