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Bumbos and Jumper Seats - are they in your child's best interest?


Bumbos and Jumper seats – are they in your child’s best interest?

Having a kid is hard. Especially in that ~3-9 month window where they really WANT to be more independent, but still can’t do a whole lot on their own. Even though these devices help distract your kid for a while, they’re not something we’re a fan of at all.

Why do so many pediatric chiropractors, OTs, & PTs have an issue with bumbos, jumper seats, or other similar supports?

2 main reasons:

1️ – it limits movement. Movement is EVERYTHING for neurological development. Every physical and cognitive milestone is facilitated through movement. The sensory receptors on every joint and muscle stimulate the brain to develop higher levels of function. [And as a side note – this is why pediatric chiropractic is so important! Shifts and tension in the spine prevent this proprioceptive/sensory input from properly reaching the brain]

2 – it compromises their supportive structures. When you put a child into a position they cannot do yet on their own it adds more strain to their bones, muscles, and ligaments than they are capable of. This is even more true in the jumpers/bouncers, as they’re not only bearing their own weight, but the impact of bouncing as well.

The alternative? The floor! Tummy time is crucial for a child’s development. It facilitates head control, rolling, and crawling. It’s that simple, put toys on the floor, engage with them there, and allow them to explore.

If your kid is struggling with tummy time from not being able to easily rotate their head, hold their head up, or an uncomfortable belly, it’s a good sign that they may benefit from pediatric chiropractic care.

Don’t beat yourself up or feel shame for anything that’s been done in the past, just use this info to make the best decisions for your family moving forward!


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