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Are Your Ready to Battle the Bugs?

Woman buried in used tissues because of sicknessWith all of the sneezing, sniffling and coughing abounding this season, you may feel like sporting a mask along with hand sanitizing frequently. While you and your kids can’t walk around encased in a germ-proof bubble, you can fortify the immune system so it can repel germs and viruses and help you avoid sickness and its associated miserable symptoms.

The Importance of Immune System Strength

At Thrive Chiropractic, we’re more concerned with how your body can fight against something rather than being exposed to a particular germ. The strength of our body’s immune system is a more significant factor in whether we get sick or not. If we have a robust immune system, our body can stay healthy and bounce back quickly if we do happen to get sick.

Rats in a Dump?

Rats in a dump? You might be wondering what that has to do with the immune system. Any time there is a dump or somewhere that garbage accumulates, rats will find their way there. While we can set up traps and get rid of the rats, if the garbage or dump remains, the rats will continue to come back. Our body works in a similar way. If the terrain of the body is a dump and not maintained, our immune system won’t be healthy, and the rats will find their way in and set up shop.

While you could take antibiotics or medications to get rid of the germs, if the internal environment is still a dump, it’s only a matter of time before the bugs return. But, if you get rid of the dump, those bugs won’t take up residence. Cleaning up the garbage is the best way to get rid of the rats for good!

Why Early Immune Challenges Are Essential

Did you know that it’s a good thing for children to experience early immune challenges? That’s because they can adopt a vital immune system balance later on in life. If their immune system doesn’t have an opportunity to practice and be strengthened, kids are primed for issues like chronic asthma, allergies and other respiratory issues. We would rather kids be exposed to something that will cause their immune system to kick into high gear. When those immune challenges take place we’ll do our best to support the body’s immune system and get rid of the bug within a day or two.

When you take care of yourself by exercising, eating a nutrient-dense diet, getting sufficient sleep, taking supplements (like the Core Four we recommend), and getting adjusted, you can enjoy better health and keep the bugs away!

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